Working together in counseling, we create and support a climate of warmth, support, & trust, to help you examine & change aspects of your life (choices, behaviors, patterns, relationships, etc.) that are not working for you.

New Road Therapy

Looking for a new road?

A major goal of the counseling experience will be for you to be able to make different choices about patterns and behaviors in your life and relationships, and have therapeutic support to make them work. I look forward to assisting as you journey toward your best version of you.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

In counseling, clients are generally responsible for:

  • Making their own life decisions regarding such things as deciding to marry, separate, divorce, or reconcile, how to set up custody & visitation, etc. (While I can help clients think through the possibilities & consequences of these & other life decisions, I am not allowed by my Code of Ethics to advise someone to make a specific decision.)
  • Payment when services are rendered (or according to payment plan)
  • Following established, appropriate procedures for appointments & scheduling
  • Providing accurate information during the counseling or consulting relationship
  • Deciding to make and/or follow through on changes discussed in the counseling relationship, including completion of assigned homework activities
  • Disclosing and/or terminating any existing counseling relationship before beginning another, & authorizing appropriate information sharing to coordinate services
  • Expressing concerns & suggestions freely as a full partner in the counseling process
  • Other responsibilities as may be deemed appropriate

dead-seaPhysical Health

Ideally, clients should have a physical exam upon starting therapy, if not done in the past year. Also, clients are routinely asked to give the name of their physician, & to provide a list of current medications.

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