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Teletherapy Information

Foley L. Nash, LLC, Counselor: Foley L. Nash, LPC-S, LMFT-BAS MAIL: 9655 Perkins Rd., Suite C-170, Baton Rouge, LA 70810 Phone: 985-774-3252 Fax: 985-718-0744 Email: Website: Alternate email: Teletherapy Declaration & Informed Consent (3 pages) (An additional document to the normal declaration of practices used for in-person sessions)  Information for Clients: Licensed mental…

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Divorce Recovery

As a licensed mental health professional, I work with many individuals, couples, and families who are affected by divorce. I have developed this list of survival strategies for people who are experiencing divorce. If you or someone you love is in this situation, I hope these ideas will help you. 1. Take your time as…

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Solution-Focused Therapy

Most types of psychotherapy involve exploring feelings, being validated, finding explanations, exploring wishes and dreams, setting goals, and gaining clarity. Every therapist has unique ways of working with clients, based on his or her personality, training, and views of how people change. A solution-focused therapist is likely to do the following: 1. Instead of going…

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Depression – information

Depression – part 1 This is the first of a two-part series on depression. In this part, I will explore what depression is and what causes it. In the next part, I will describe how depression is treated and prevented. If you or someone close to you suffers from depression, it is important to educate…

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OCD or Obsessive-Compulsive Traits Checklist

OCD CHECKLIST DIRECTIONS: You may have a problem with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) if you mark several items in the following table. If so, identify your specific worries or rituals in the questionnaire to relabel them as obsessions and compulsions. Underline all concerns that apply in each item. Obsessions: Unpleasant thoughts that come into my mind…

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Becoming your own individual

DIFFERENTIATING FROM YOUR FAMILY OF ORIGIN You may handle family pressure by trying to conform or by divorcing yourself emotionally. However, there is an alternative. You can learn how to express your differences or differentiate without getting caught in conflicts or abandoning your significant others. Once you’ve left home, the best place to reclaim the…

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Relationship Worksheet – 28 useful questions

RELATIONSHIP WORKSHEET 1. What qualities first drew me to my partner? 2. What troubling qualities does my partner have that are similar to my early caretakers? 3. What qualities does my partner have that I think I lack? 4. What needs am I (unsuccessfully) trying to meet through my relationship: Understanding Appreciation Approval Freedom Other:…

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Disorders affecting relationships

DISORDERS THAT AFFECT RELATIONSHIPS Not all relationship problems result from unhealthy patterns of interaction. Sometimes, one person has a disorder that has a direct impact on his or her partner. The better a spouse is able to recognize such disorders, the less chance there is of intensifying them. Mark any of the problems described below…

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Beliefs that help relationships

BELIEFS THAT HELP RELATIONSHIPS Often, problems that surface in relationships are indications of underlying self-destructive beliefs. If you have difficulty making changes that could help your marriage, it may be because of such ideas. These thoughts are not actually caused by your partner, but were instilled in you from early life experiences. To discover thoughts…

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Understanding Family Drama

UNDERSTANDING YOUR FAMILY DRAMA Do you ever feel as if you’re trapped in the web of your own personal family soap opera, unable to make a move without inviting disapproval or “wounding” someone? Have you ever thought you escaped your past, only to find yourself caught in dramas with spouses, children, friends, or coworkers? Expressing…

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